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Is there a future for a couple who has nothing in common?

My answer as The Love Coach (TLC) for the 2012 August – September issue of The Riviera Reporter Magazine


My boy friend and I have nothing in common (even my best friend says so) but I love him and we’re happy together. We’ve been going out for 8 months. We both work on a yacht. I can’t help wondering if it’s worthwhile investing my time in the relationship. I am 22 years old and he is 23. Do we have a future together? Elisa, Nice


“Nothing in common”, Elisa? For a start you’re already working together! And that’s a great deal to share with your boyfriend. You write that you’re happy with him. Well that’s a strong positive sign if you need one. I believe for a relationship to work you need mutual respect, a dose of admiration and trust in each other as well as humor. This will help you communicate with one another. If you both desire to be together and you are both willing to adapt to life circumstances, making adjustments when necessary, then that’s the best base you can have to engage for the present and the future. I think the question really is on what else do you need to be reassured or comforted? Is the prospect of settling down daunting you? Or would you prefer to go and see the world like others are doing? Follow your intuition, listen and you’ll know what is right and good for you. It’s what is happening when you’re together that matters not when you aren’t.

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